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After a decade of breeding, we are excited to introduce the Echinacea Big Sky Series. The colors in this series are found in nature's most impressive color palette.

These new echinaceas are the first in the Big Sky series that consists of crosses between E. purpurea and E. paradoxa. The new hybrids have the dominant traits of E. purpurea with great vigor, prolific blooms, fuller, rounder leaves and wider, overlapping flower petals.

General Characteristics of ItSaul Plants Echinacea Breeding:

  • New colors and bi-colors: Some have a totally unique color pattern that starts one color and transitions to another.
  • Height: Shorter types about 12 inches. Taller selections tower up to 4 feet.
  • Fragrance: Each new hybrid is uniquely fragrant.
  • Petals: Apetalous and smaller petals in addition to selections with broad petals.
  • Stems: All selections have sturdy stems.

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